The Future of Business Card is here!

Just tap to share your contact & profile with anyone.

How Can You Share Your Details?​


Tap your Justap Card in a smartphone using NFC and share your details instantly.

QR Code

Users can also open the phone camera or Google lens to scan the QR Code and access the digital profile

Device Support

Works on all smartphones, Android and iOS








Justap cards are NFC based Business cards.

NFC (Near Field Communication) Business Card is a smart business card, powered by NFC technology. With this business card, you only need a tap to share your contact information.

NFC business cards are for the digital age. Never out of business cards again, it is cost effective and has a long life. With this card, you only need a tap! to share your information and it is not limited to just your basic information. you can add pretty much anything and everything.

What Our Customers Say

I’m always looking for what's best for my customers as well as innovative ways to connect with people. Justap made a basic business card a seamless experience for everyone I connect with. Very excited to continue using my card.
UI Designer
I’m always travelling for business meetings around the world and it's always been a hassle to carry my visiting cards. Having one card in my wallet has never been more convenient.
Mr Chadda
Recieved the Product. Its working amazingly. Design and the Quality of the card is awesome
Karan Rathod


Each justap card has an NFC chip inside that wirelessly sends your information to a phone. When you tap the card on a compatible phone, your information automatically gets transmitted to the persons smartphone. The owner of the phone just has to hit “add to contacts” to save their information. The above describes NFC compatibility. Every Justap card also contains a QR code on the back to ensure compatibility with older smartphone devices that do not have NFC compatibility.

If you have a smartphone, then yes! All iPhones models 7 and later and 90% of the Android phones have NFC that needs to be enabled in their settings. Additionally, as a backup, all smartphones, both Apple and Android, have a built-in QR code scanner. Simply open up the camera or google lens and point it at the QR code located on the back of every Justap Card.

No, its Free For Lifetime.

No App required. The tap and QR scan feature opens the information in mobile browser

Just by clicking ‘Add to contacts’ button people can save your contact in their phone.